Demo 2008

by Hexlust

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Our first demo (and only completed & released recording for the next seven years), recorded in an empty house in Killeen TX on the 8th and 9th of February 2008.

Odd thing to note, but if you see this demo on other sites with the tracks listed in a different order than this one, it's no big deal. We never did finalize an "official" track listing and would just burn copies for our friends with the songs in whatever-the-hell order each of us felt was best.


released February 13, 2008

Tony - Vocals, Guitar
JT - Guitar
Tarzan - Bass
Dartanion - Drums

Music and lyrics by Hexlust (except where otherwise noted)
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Michael Barton
Logo by Eric Barnes



all rights reserved


Hexlust San Antonio, Texas

Out of the casket and into your living room! We come from a land where metal comes to die, suffering from the plague that was nü metal and Pantera. Four, count'em, four disgusting vile zombies are ready to come and rid the land of the lumbering tyrannical dictatorship of modern metal and feast on the brains of the innocent mall goths. We've come to murder you with METAL and WE BRING THE RIFFS! ... more

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Track Name: Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover)
(Lyrics by Max Cavalera)

Total eclipse hides the earth
The night of doom has come
Antichrist soldiers are proclaimed
To send the souls to hell

Catastrophe, destruction
Mankind is slaughtered without mercy
Sulphur clouds are in the air
Legions winds corrode the universe

The messiahs, redeemers of mankind
Chained in the valley of hades
Crowds blinded by evil
Only death is real
Track Name: Tombs of the Blind Dead (Demo)
Renegade clergy
Bind the fresh virgin
Draw your swords, invert the cross
Cut her flesh, ritual starts

Sacrifice, blood is sipped
From her thighs, neck, and tits
Wish for immortality
Granted group fatality

When midnight tolls
Satan’s curse
Reveals the Tombs
Of the Blind Dead

(Solo: JT)

Rise and ride, blackened templar
Commanded by your Eternal Elder
Eyes rotted, hunt by sound
Listen for the telltale pounding

(Solo: Tony)
(Solo: JT)

Don’t try to hide, they don’t have to see
Your life’s betrayed by your own heartbeat
Don’t think you’re safe at the sight of the sun
They’ll hunt by night and day till the job’s done

(Solo: Tony)
Track Name: Sodomy & Lust (Sodom cover)
(Lyrics by Tom Angelripper)

Behind the scenes of destiny
I adore you in this song for me
Call me within your holy house to dwell
Let me raise for myself in spell
Voluptuously dancing daughters of the night sky
Sing the rapturous love song with high
Let your sweet scented juice run
Waste away under the lashes of my whip

Bath in sin
Sadistic souls
Break their crust
Sodomy and lust

Carnal desire runs through my veins
Whipping boys and scapegoats cry in pain
Psychopathic terror during their sleep
My power asks why, my power is weak
Spineless bundles of my excess
Expurse of innocence and helplessness
In the perfumes of my secret orison
Fresh blood of children drops down on me

Madness, crime, disgrace, ptomaine
Excrements, contempt, violence, kill

Ordeals of thousand deads congealed in gloom
Strike hard and deep, to hell with them master
Mighty prophet's stature shall surpass the stars
The passion is the smell of cremation
I spit on your crapulous creed, curse them!
Sucking your giveth delight and bright glory
Strive ever to be more joyous to the death
Don't fear any god will deny you for this
Track Name: Toxic High (Demo)
I sit in my room haunted by my candlelight
Meth used, bong gone, and I need to satisfy
In my back yard is where I found the vat
I take a dose and I shove it in

Burning my life away on un-necessities
Spinning round’n’round and smacking into trees
You can see the terror burning on my face

Melting my veins, my skin starts to bloat up
Vision blocked, end life, chest is burning black
Screaming so loud, foam comes out from my mouth
Convulsions, aneurysms, force shatters my spine

Nuclear excrement comes flowing out of me
This comes to an end to our dear junkie
Anger, fear, and pleasure, plastered on my face

(Solo: Tony)
(Solo: JT)