Manifesto Hexcellente

by Hexlust

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Matthew Toye
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Matthew Toye Riffs, riffs, riffs, and more riffs. Hexlust are just ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome. If you're looking for some really good thrash with a sense of humour then this is a must buy. Favorite track: Baphomet Dawn.
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Xuxl Best Thrash album of 2015!!
Joshua Stearns
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Joshua Stearns This full out thrash attack catches you with your pants down and explodes your guts into a nice stew of real metal. Their music is exactly what I think of when the word "thrash" pops in my head, fast, rippin' and ridiculously awesome. Favorite track: Imminent Retardation.
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    Cacophony surrounds! Here, finally, is Hexlust's long-awaited debut album, eight tracks of hexcellent death/thrash on one disc! Comes in a jewel case with a full-color eight-page booklet, with artwork by Daniel Kranz.

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Eight tracks of hexcellent death-thrashing chaos! High-speed riffs, atonal whammy bar abuse, senseless shredding, excessive drum fills, and the occasional falsetto scream!


released April 16, 2015

Tony Morgor: Whammy Abuse, Main Vocals
JT Avakuma: Shredding, More Shredding
Tarzan: Bass, Vocals
D Nervewrecker: Drum Kit, Assorted Percussive Nonsense

Music and Lyrics by Hexlust
Produced by Hexlust and Walter Martin
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Walter Martin
Cover art by Daniel Kranz
Layout by Jeff Tandy



all rights reserved


Hexlust San Antonio, Texas

Out of the casket and into your living room! We come from a land where metal comes to die, suffering from the plague that was nü metal and Pantera. Four, count'em, four disgusting vile zombies are ready to come and rid the land of the lumbering tyrannical dictatorship of modern metal and feast on the brains of the innocent mall goths. We've come to murder you with METAL and WE BRING THE RIFFS! ... more

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Track Name: Fucked By Fire
Dominance… dominance…
I crave dominance!
So get on your knees and worship me
You worthless son of a bitch
Sign your name on the bottom line
I’ll fix that seven-year itch
Assume the position, pray to your god
And plead for the mess you’ve made

(Solo: Morgor)

Take my butane ejaculate
As I ram it in your ass
Burning steel cauterizes your flesh
Perfumes of the wretched gas
My source of power, strapped around my hips
Fiery dragon races through my shaft
As I watch the flames shoot out from your lips
Muffled screams over my laugh

(Solo: Avakuma)
(Solo: Morgor)

“I totally want to disconnect myself
I want to feel the pleasure of pain
I must peel off this carbonized shell
I want to touch that ethereal plane
Impending immolation set to be free
Oh Fiery Phoenix, bless myself
I want to start my second life…”

But your ass belongs to me!

(Solo: Avakuma)

Track Name: Toxic High
I sit in my room haunted by my candlelight
Meth used, bong gone, and I need to satisfy
In my back yard is where I found the vat
I take a dose and I shove it in

Burning my life away on un-necessities
Spinning round’n’round and smacking into trees
You can see the terror burning on my face

Melting my veins, my skin starts to bloat up
Vision blocked, end life, chest is burning black
Screaming so loud, foam comes out from my mouth
Convulsions, aneurysms, force shatters my spine

Nuclear excrement comes flowing out of me
This comes to an end to our dear junkie
Anger, fear, and pleasure, plastered on my face

(Solo: Morgor)
(Solo: Avakuma)
Track Name: They Conjure
(Solo: Avakuma)

Deep in black forests, pitch of the night
Seven old witches gather for life
Crying and dying from mortal age
They seek new life by the tip of a blade

Five pure hearted mortals who’ve not seen past nine
Coveted holy to fight father time
For what they seek is buried in chest
Hearts of the children to restore their flesh

In the night… cacophony surrounds
Joyful cries… as bodies hit the ground
Take one’s life… to fulfill their own
Their neverending… is just beneath the bones

(Solo: Morgor)
Track Name: Baphomet Dawn
(Solo: Avakuma)

Rise, rise, Darkness rise
I summon you on this night
Come forth, take my hand
I’m your servant from your death

I am the one, your true son
To bring you into this life
Bastards who perpetuate the lie
Shall fear your ascendency to GOD!

Black Order
In the absence of the sun
Reject false masters
(Hail) Baphomet Dawn

“Welcome my followers I bless you all
Say goodbye to the light!
Let us rejoice in vile copulations
And retreat into the night!

No man shall bow, no woman shall plead
No pain debt to me!
I’m not here to destroy your world

(Solo: Avakuma)
(Solo: Morgor)

Rise, rise, Darkness rise
Reaching from Obscurity
Former gods, begging for mercy
Suffer for eternity

Cowards who burned the truth
The day of reckoning has arrived
Free from all oppressing sin
Humanity’s new world shall begin

(End Bass Solo: Tarzan)
Track Name: Imminent Retardation
Are we on thorazine or are we just slow?
What the hell happened, and why did we let go?
Who’s writing the music? Who’s writing the books?
Who’s taking our minds? Let’s find these crooks

What the hell’s the price?
Have we lost control?
Have we lost our minds?
Or have we lost our souls?

People over here and people over there
Too many breeding but nobody seems to care
Staring at the TV, foaming at the mouth
Pissing myself as my IQ goes south

Down… down… down
Down syndrome
We regress to a state of retardation

Down… down… down
Down syndrome
All hail the new world, the retard nation

Ego masturbation, a circle jerk state
“I sure do like you, but god I think I’m great!”
Screaming your opinion, yet shut off to mine
Happy little retard who just pawned his mind

What have we all done?
Everything for naught
Intelligence all gone
No more worthy thoughts

Going down…

(Tardiferous Slapperoni: Morgor)
(Assmunch Yippery: Avakuma)
(Mentalaneous Turbotimmy: Morgor)
(Booming Hobo-tardonis: Avakuma)
(Shitpants Stringscreeching: Morgor)
(Hurhurhurhurhur: Avakuma)
Track Name: Hell Hammer
In the valley of Hades
A thousand years ago
A festival of decadence
The elders foretold
To procreate the wicked
To Triumph Death

Of all the Fire
And all the Moans
To feel the steel
Of my Hell Hammer

Orgies in flames
In the Castle of the Lords
You will feel the point of my sai

(Solo: Avakuma)
(Lead Trade-offs: Avakuma – Morgor – Avakuma – Morgor)
(Solo: Morgor)
Track Name: Meganecropolis
(Solo: Morgor)

Final solution to end all wars
A new hope for peace has emerged
Serum developed in a government lab
Suppresses the violent urge
Isolated city chosen to test
Gassing the air they breathe
No fighting back, no suffering
They all lay down and went to sleep

Cities of the Dead
Never to come out alive

Experiment failed, subjects deceased
Back to the drawing board
Pay for the silence of all involved
Erase all reports
The latent minds of the innocent dead
Swell with repressed rage
The will to kill starts to manifest
In spirit form

(Lead/Solo: Avakuma)

Empty, the city stands
Teams have come into town
Running tests on the air
Search for why and how
Soon their thoughts give away
To mindless primal rage
Tearing each other apart
Victims of hate
Minds infected by the

Cities of the Dead
Never to come out alive

(Solo: Morgor)
(Solo: Morgor)
Track Name: Tombs of the Blind Dead
Renegade clergy
Bind the fresh virgin
Draw your swords, invert the cross
Cut her flesh, ritual starts

Sacrifice, blood is sipped
From her thighs, neck, and tits
Wish for immortality
Granted group fatality

When midnight tolls
Satan’s curse
Reveals the Tombs
Of the Blind Dead

(Solo: Avakuma)

Rise and ride, blackened templar
Commanded by your Eternal Elder
Eyes rotted, hunt by sound
Listen for the telltale pounding

(Solo: Morgor)
(Solo: Avakuma)

Don’t try to hide, they don’t have to see
Your life’s betrayed by your own heartbeat
Don’t think you’re safe at the sight of the sun
They’ll hunt by night and day till the job’s done

(Solo: Morgor)
(Noise: Morgor + Avakuma)